Plant based and tasty

(Yep, it happened)

Our fresh take on plant‑based cheese makes it easy to bring joy to your table and flavor to your meals.

Love your plate and your planet

We harness the best and tastiest ingredients while taking care of the planet to create delicious plant-based cheeses to satisfy everyone at your table.

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Cheddar style slices

No matter how you enjoy our plant-based Cheddar Style Slices, your taste buds will be delighted by its distinct cheddar flavor.

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provolone style slices

With hints of nuts and salty undertones, our plant-based Provolone Style Slices add just enough flavor to just about everything.

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mozzarella style slices

On a cracker or all by itself, you can’t go wrong with the mild and refreshing flavor of our plant-based Mozzarella Style Slices.

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mozzarella style shreds

Mild and refreshing, our Mozzarella Style Shreds melts perfectly on a pizza, adds flavor to your favorite sauce and pairs with almost everything.

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Cheddar & Mozzarella style shreds

Sprinkle, melt and enjoy a tasty duo of Cheddar & Mozzarella Style Shreds. Plant-based with a distinct cheddar and mild mozzarella flavor.

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cheddar style shreds

Layer on the goodness with a sprinkle of our plant-based Cheddar Style Shreds. Its distinct flavor is exactly what every meal needs.

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Nurishh Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Plain

Plain Cream Cheese Style

Spread it on thick. Our plant-based Plain Cream Cheese Style can transform any bagel, cracker or dish into something truly delishh!

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Nurishh Dairy Free Cream Cheese Chive

Chive Cream Cheese Style

Pure and elegant with a mild nutty taste, our Chive Cream Cheese Style adds a hint of herbs and a lot of creamy, plant-based goodness.

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cheddar style
snack cubes

Our Cheddar Style Snack Cubes will fit perfectly in your hand, your mouth and your family’s lifestyle. Go ahead, pop some flavor.

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hot pepper
snack cubes

Savory, poppable and full of heat, our plant-based Hot Pepper Snack Cubes are the perfect sidekick for any meal, snack or road trip.

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What if your family is:





Broccoli Cheddar Salad

Fresh broccoli, sweet potato, apple, onions, nuts, seeds and a hearty helping of Nurishh Cheddar Style Shreds drizzled with creamy cashew dressing, our Broccoli Salad will quickly become your favorite lettuce-free salad.

Plant-Based Cheese Board

Completed with Nurishh Cheddar Style and Hot Pepper Snack Cubes, this plant-based cheese board features two types of grapes, strawberries, olives, nuts and more, artfully arranged and ready to impress.

Vegan Cinnamon French Toast

Now here’s a reason to wake up early. Sliced sourdough bread dipped in a dangerously good mixture of sweetness, and then topped with a delicious glaze made with Nurishh Plain Cream Cheese Style, vanilla and powdered sugar.

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