Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes

Making easy vegan and plant-based recipes are, well, easy.

Make Every Bite Delicious

Whether you’re new to plant-based eating, been a vegan for years or just want to mix up your meals with more variety, we’ve got something important to tell you.

Eating vegan and plant-based should be exciting and full of flavor. And if you really want to up your meals, add a slice or sprinkle on a handful of Nurishh—the new plant-based cheese that melts delishh!

A Recipe for Everyone

Who says you can't please everyone?

Get everyone
in the family

Now that's
a salad!

Now more than ever, people are skipping the meat and loading up on plant-based foods instead.

That’s right—plant-based recipes are for everyone: Vegetarians, flexitarians, pescatarians, meat-eaters and more. Today, everyone is indulging in recipes that call for vibrant, flavorful veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits. And they’re eating them up—literally.

Maybe it’s because they enjoy the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Or perhaps they’re choosing plant-based foods because it’s better for the planet. Or maybe they’ve just tasted one of our irresistible plant-based cheesy recipes and can’t get enough.

No matter who’s coming to sit around your table, our easy vegan recipes are sure to impress and delight.

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More Plant-Based Recipes

From making your lunch for work to preparing a feast for your loved ones, our easy plant-based recipes turn any meal into a culinary experience. That’s because we took traditional and non-traditional vegan recipes and gave them a fresh spin and an infusion of ooey-gooey Nurishh plant-based goodness. So go ahead and whip up something scrumptious. Try one of our quick vegan meals.

plant based recipes
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