Now is the time to #EatUnited.


Why #EatUnited?

We need to rethink the way we eat.

Commit to preparing delicious plant-based food for everyone around your table—delicious food that reduces the impact our planet. It’s easier and tastier than you think.

Go head gather around the table and #eatunited—you’ll be happy you did.

who’s at your table?

No matter who is at your table, they’ll love our tasty plant-based cheese.

Meat-lover who adds bacon to everything

Grubs on veggies, passes on meat, eats other stuff too

Would like milk but can’t tolerate it

Only eats animals if they can breathe under water

Eats anything that comes from the earth but nothing else

Chows down on plants but will put a steak on it too

Serve up something everyone will enjoy.

(Yes, it is possible!)

the needs of

Liberate your
meals with

We get it—you have a lot of personalities around your table and each one eats a little different than the rest. And while you could cook a meal for each one, nobody has time for that. Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian—the list goes on, which means mealtime is way too stressful.

So, say goodbye to stuffy labels and all the complicated and strict rules that go with them.

Liberate yourself and your meals with Nurishh. It’s not only tasty, but it satisfies the needs of everyone you love—even the pickiest of eaters.